SAP PI 7.10

  • Posted on: 21 January 2009
  • By: markus.wilhelm

Hi all,
well it's time to talk about IT now on my website. As you can see we do have several topics in my daily live at work and afterwards. Two years ago I managed to get a certified SAP PI 7 development consultant and after the implementation project we had a big change before Christmans. We upgraded our SAP Process Integration Server (formally known as SAP Exchange Infrastructure XI) from Pi 7.00 to PI 7.10.
We decided to upgrade our development system and to install the production system new. This way we were able to use a stepped approach. We ran two systems at the same time, one wasrunning the old PI 7.00 and one was running the new PI 7.10. Then we moved step by step every interface from the one instance to the other. As we were finished we switched off the old system and that's it.
one thing for you to think about: Be very caredfull with your SLD. Our SLD crashed during upgrade and it was a *** work to get it running again.