New Release of XTC to Magento migration

  • Posted on: 22 April 2010
  • By: markus.wilhelm

in our download area you can find the new release of the XT Commerce to Magenot migration script. The Release 1.4 RC4 is designed for Migration from XT Commerce Shop Version to a Magento Shop in Release 1.4. If you use a Magento Shop in Version 1.3 you must upgrade to 1.4 first (or better install a new Magento Shop Version 1.4 first). The migration Script is not a Magento Connect module. You must configure several settings inside a config file in advance of using the script. Please use our own support Board for questions:

* How to proceed:
*    1) Upload the folder migrate (including all files and subfolders) to your
*        magento installation folder
*    2) Grant write permissions 775 to the migrate folder (chmod 775 migrate)
*    3) Edit config file migrate.config.php
*        It is verry important to read the file from the first to the last line!!!
*    4) Start migration
*        http:://   
*    5) Delete folder migrate from your webserver
*        This is verry important because your Magento DB can be destroyed if you don't do so!!