Migration XT-Commerce to Magento

  • Posted on: 4 January 2010
  • By: markus.wilhelm

 Dear all, I have to migrate the Internet Shop of Bessie (Rettungspfoten) to Magento. I found that there are just a view migration scripts. 

1. There is a migration program offered via Magento Connect for OS-Commerce.
2. The second is a migration Service offered via the internet page of Cart2Cart: http://www.shopping-cart-migration.com/

The first is build for OS-Commerce, XT-Commerce was build out of the OS-C code, but changed a lot. This is why there would be a lot of efford to get this running for XT-Commerce. The service of C2C sounds good and is not that expensive. Round about 100,-€ in case of our shop. What I do not like is that C2C wants to have access to the database. So they would be able to analyse all our shop internal data (customers masterdata, sales orders data, everything). So I decided to build up my own migration script. It's not that comfertable like C2C and it's not integrated as Magento Connect module like OS-Commerce but it seems to work. 

Offered Migration Data of XT-Commerce to Magento (Alpha Release, do not use for producive migrations)
Step 1: Manufacturers: Sync manufacturers 
Step 2: Categories: Sync categories - Sync categories pictures 
Step 3: Products: Sync products - Sync products pictures 
Step 4: Customers: Sync customers 
Step 5: Addresses: Sync Addresses 
Step 6: Orders: Sync orders (not yet possible)
Step 7: Attributes
Step 8: Options

You have to change the settings inside the file migration.php and upload the file to the base folder of a existing Magento installation. After you run the script you have to delete the file on the public webserver. The script can be found in our downloads. The limitation to the scripts are:
- that products assigned to more than on categorie in XT-C it is only assigned to one categorie in Magento
- only one language is supported. So if you have multiple languages in XT-C this script will not work.

New Version released offers a lot more comfortable migration procedure.