Meine Aktivitäten rund um SAP.

Neuigkeiten aus dem Rettungspfoten-Shop

  • Posted on: 23 February 2013
  • By: markus.wilhelm

Hi ihr,
wir verwenden seit einigen Tagen in unserem Rettungspfoten-Shop eine neue Shop-Software. Mit dieser konnten wir unseren Service für Sie verbessern. In Kürze werden die Lieferzeitangaben verbessert. Ab diesem Zeitpunkt kann auch der aktuelle Lagerbestand angezeigt werden. Ab sofort haben wir auch immer Produkte mit einem reduzierten Preis im Angebot. Ebenso können Sie direkt Artikel finden, die wir Ihnen als Tipp des Monats empfehlen und Artikel, die wir neu im Sortiment haben.

Test- oder Erfahrungsberichte finden Sie im Rettungspfoten-Blog.

Ebenso können Sie uns jetzt auch bei Facebook und Twitter finden. Dort werden wir unsere Neuheiten oder andere Informationen posten.


SQLITE JDBC Adapter for SAP PI 7.30

  • Posted on: 23 February 2013
  • By: markus.wilhelm

To be able to use the SQLITE Jdbc class within a SAP PI 7.30 JDBC Adapter (sender or receiver) you must mdify the Jdbc class a little.
SQLITE Homepage:
SQLITE JDBC Adapter from Xerial:

The default jdbc classes for SQLITE need native libraries being available on the host where the jdbc class is used. Xerial implemented the SQLITE libraries within their SQLITE jdbc class but you must tell the class if you want to use native or build in Java SQLITE libraries. Within the calling code you may set the variable sqlite.purejava.


public class sample
  public static void main(String[] args) throws ClassNotFoundException
    // load the sqlite-JDBC driver using the current class loader
    System.setProperty("sqlite.purejava", "true");

This is not possible within SAP PI, so I changed the jdbc jar to allways use the build in java library for SQLITE. I changed the function getPureJavaFlag file in the following way. You may download the jar file here.

package org.sqlite;
public class SQLiteJDBCLoader
    static boolean getPureJavaFlag() {
        //return Boolean.parseBoolean(System.getProperty("sqlite.purejava", "false"));
        return true;
This now enables you to use SQLITE JDBC Adapter within SAP PI 7.30 as all other jdbc database connection:
- JDBC Driver: org.sqlite.JDBC
- Connection: jdbc:sqlite:/usr/sap/trans/interfaces/example.db
- leave username and password empty

Root Cause Analysis Expert

  • Posted on: 6 March 2010
  • By: markus.wilhelm

ich hab jetzt nebden der Zeritifzierung zum "SAP Certified Development Consultant SAP NetWeaver 7.0 - Exchange Infrastructure" eine zweite Zertifzierung bestanden, die zum "Root Cause Analysis Expert - SAP E2E Solution Operations". Liest sich recht umständlich nicht? ist es auch ;-).
Die Beiden Zeritfizierungen sind allerdings meine tägliche Arbeit beim planen und umsetzen von Schnittstellen und bei der sturkturierten vorgehensweise zum überwachen/analysieren von Systemen.

SAP PI 7.10

  • Posted on: 21 January 2009
  • By: markus.wilhelm

Hi all,
well it's time to talk about IT now on my website. As you can see we do have several topics in my daily live at work and afterwards. Two years ago I managed to get a certified SAP PI 7 development consultant and after the implementation project we had a big change before Christmans. We upgraded our SAP Process Integration Server (formally known as SAP Exchange Infrastructure XI) from Pi 7.00 to PI 7.10.
We decided to upgrade our development system and to install the production system new. This way we were able to use a stepped approach. We ran two systems at the same time, one wasrunning the old PI 7.00 and one was running the new PI 7.10. Then we moved step by step every interface from the one instance to the other. As we were finished we switched off the old system and that's it.
one thing for you to think about: Be very caredfull with your SLD. Our SLD crashed during upgrade and it was a *** work to get it running again.

SPNEGO: SSO for SAP Web Applications

  • Posted on: 27 December 2008
  • By: markus.wilhelm

SPNEGO is quite cool and simple. You just follow the configuration assistant of your SAP Webserver (http(s)://:/spnego).The only problem I found is that a multi domain model in combination with an Active Directory is not supported by the assistant. What does that mean?
You configure a SPNEGO user for the domain to check users in the Active Directory. If I now want to logon with the user everything is all right. But when I want to logon with a user the logon fails because the user who checks the credentials looks in the wrong domain tree. Kerberos could handle such requests (thats what happens when you use SSO for SAP Gui) but the configuration assistant does not allow you to configure SPNEGO like this. 

Finally I did not test it but it should work, when you manipulate the kerberos configuration file after the assistant finished.

SAP HELP : Using Kerberos Authentication for Single Sign-On

SAP HELP: How to find the installation wizzard

ktpass for kerberos user credentials

  • Posted on: 1 February 2008
  • By: markus.wilhelm

for SSO to your SAP systems with Kerberos you will ahve to create a keytab file where the user credentials are stored to. this is a small step by step guide how to do this.

ktpass -out sapsnc.keytab -princ -pass yourPassword -kvno 3

This should be the output:

Key created.
Output keytab to sapsnc.keytab:
Keytab version: 0x502
keysize 49 ptype 1 (KRB5_NT_PRINCIPAL) vno 3 etype 0x3
DES-CBC-MD5) keylength 8 (0xab618a8a5ddadcda)

The kvno command is based on the kvno value you receive from kerberos command line plus one. So if you retrieve let's say the value 2, than you will have to set it to three (like in the above example). If you installed kerberos to /usr/krb/ you will find the binaries your need for this here:


You can find the ktpass executable int our download database

You wil have to import the keytab file into Kerberos, therefor you have to execute the ktutil from Kerberos as follows:

ktutil: rkt /home/SIDadm/sapsnc.keytab
ktutil: wkt /etc/krb5.keytab
ktutil: l (shows a list of Kerberos principals)
ktutil: q

SAP SSO with MIT Kerberos

  • Posted on: 6 February 2007
  • By: markus.wilhelm

we migrated our SAP 4.6c during the christmas holidays to a SAP NW 2004s (ECC 6.0). One step on this issue was using the same SNC adapters we compiled and configured on our existing IBM AIX 64 Bit infrastructure. There were no problems during the upgrade, nothing to do so far.

The SNC Adapter can be downloaded as source code and compiled version for AIX 64 BIT here:
AIX 64 Bit:
AIX 64 bit:

AIX 64 Bit:

HP 64 Bit:
HP 64 Bit:
SAP GSS Test Suite

Best Regard Markus

SAP Certified Development Consultant SAP NetWeaver 7.0 - Exchange Infrastructure

  • Posted on: 1 July 2006
  • By: markus.wilhelm

Hi,ich habe die Zeritifzierung zum "SAP Certified Development Consultant SAP NetWeaver 7.0 - Exchange Infrastructure" bestanden. Mit dieser Zertifizierung vertiefe ich mein Know How im Bereich der Schnittstellen. Nachdem ich mit Seeburger Business Integration Server jahrelang Erfahrungen gesammelt habe rundet mein Know How für SAP PI 7.0 mein Profil ab.